The Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly,

100% Natural Protein Bar!

Your Quick... Convenient…

     Nutrient Dense Solution!

You want to feel fantastic… and we want to help nourish your efforts. Designed for and approved by athletes (and children alike). You can have an amazing calorie dense recovery meal that conveniently fits in your pocket or glove box.

Never again find yourself in that dilemma where you forced to choose between two ‘less than healthy’ food options… Your schedule is busy and thus the reason for your new ‘go-to’ line of bars.

Gone are the days of eating cheap rolled oats and rice syrups… never before have you had an option like this! These were designed to put real food… real nutrition back into your life.

Every bar has roughly 300 high fat calories that will give you the long lasting energy needed for your active lifestyle… and 15 grams of egg white protein to heal and repair your muscles.

Look what everybody’s saying

        (especially what they’re saying about the taste.)

and they taste so good you won’t believe they’re athlete approved.


Guaranteed: If you dont LOVE the bars we'll refund 110% of your money, plus shipping fees and you won't need to return them. 

Seriously, you want to get these bars …whether you are a Paleo eater or not. These are high in protein and healthy fats with just a small amount of sugar. The bars contain the ideal fat to carb ratio that increases lean mass and energy and is critical for overall health and body composition. You might look at the label and think, whoa, too high in fat! But these are ALL good fats, the kind your body needs!

Shannon Colavecchio - Trainer Extraordinaire, Cyclist, Paleo Enthusiast 

I have personally tried all three flavors of AMRAP Bars and they are delicious. Being 100% Paleo, dairy free, gluten free, and have a fantastic fat to carb ratio, these are perfect for pre and post race nutrition.

Joey Patrolia - Professional Spartan Race Athlete

I usually hate protein bars as they tend to be candy bars with a little bit of protein added which doesn’t make them healthy. These are Paleo and these things are awesome! I love these bars and am taking them with me to Ethiopia to keep me alive while hiking through the desert. I’m excited to have lots of good fat and the 300 calories will keep me fueled.

Tim Ferriss - Three-time Best Selling Author, Blogger, Lifestyle Hacker


I loved these bars and have used them throughout my pregnancy. As a busy mom, I also LOVE having them handy if I'm out running errands and need some "fast food." Love the company, the brand and products!

Stephanie Greunke, RD - Nutritionist, Blogger, Writer, Paleo Enthusiast

We're on the road often, and travel food doesn't always provide you with the healthiest options. AMRAP bars are a great choice for on-the-go - portable, really tasty, and made from healthy ingredients.

Melissa Hartwig - New York Times bestselling Author, Certified Sports Nutritionist

These are damn tasty bars, and they’re nutritious, too, with a nice balance of protein, carbs, and fat. The ingredients are top-notch: 100% paleo...nuts and seeds, honey, unsweetened coconut, egg white protein, figs, cacao, vanilla extract, spices, sea salt; mixed together in a very special way.

 Melissa Joulwan - Blogger Extraordinaire, Paleo Enthusiast

I really enjoy AMRAP Bars! The ingredients are 100% paleo and include things like almond butter, raw honey and coconut to name a few. High in unsaturated fats, it is a great way to get your dose of healthy fats. I can say after eating one of these I had to contain myself from downing the entire box.

Luke Davidson - Athlete,  

Finding nutritious and delicious snacks on the go has been challenging, but AMRAP Bars finally give me a wholesome option with premium ingredients. The AMRAP bars have egg-white protein which makes them a great choice for a pre/post workout snack if you’re on the go or traveling. These also make a great healthy snack as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Ashley Fleming - Certified Sports Nutritionist

The AMRAP Bars are amazing! My husband and I had to double check the ingredients just to make sure it was really Paleo. It tastes so good!

Candice Ruiz - CrossFit Game Athlete

I absolutely love the AMRAP bars. They taste like delicious almond butter rolled into a biteable bar. They are perfect pre or post workout since they give you a boost of energy or refuel you for the day! Omg they are so good!!

Juli Bauer -

How exciting to see such a clean ingredient list! Just the kind of ingredients that I might have in my kitchen. All in a convenient package, easy to grab, easy to keep in the bottom of your purse or glove compartment for emergencies, easy to pack in your kid’s lunchbox and these bars are delicious!

Sarah Ballentyne, PhD -


As you can see… people tell us every day that AMRAP Bars are the best tasting nutrition bar on the market.

They tastes so good… even kids love them.

You strive to eat healthy… and AMRAP Bars are a great way to fill in the nutritional gaps in your busy day… they’ll nourish your body, give you energy, and keep you fueled for hours.

And the great thing is… you’ll be eating real food… and they taste like a treat.

Go ahead and place your order. Your body is going to love you for it, guaranteed.

Tastes So Good, You'll 

   Forget They’re Healthy!

Almond & Honey

Almonds, Honey, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg-White Protein, Sesame Seeds, Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

The AMRAP bar is a gym bag, glove box, travel bag, purse, take-with-you necessity.

Cain Credicott, Paleo Magazine

"These are the best bars I’ve found on the market!"

Phillip Kniep, CrossFit Games Athlete

Cashew & Vanilla

Fig & Cacao

Dates, Egg-White Protein, Figs, Almond Butter, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, Cacao Nibs, Coconut Oil.

Cashews, Honey, Cashew Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg-White Protein, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you don't LOVE these bars we'll refund 110% of your money, plus shipping fees and you won't need to return them.

Once satisfied, we do ask that you tell all your friends about AMRAP Nutrition!!

The Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly,

100% Natural Protein Bar!